Who We Are

Rays of Grace Coaching is a coaching service dedicated to women who are tired of accepting the status quo, tired of being stereotyped, tired of accepting medicore! We are here to grow and empower women to live in their full potential and pave the way for other women. In the UK, women remain the minority on executive boards - and women of colour even more so! We want to have our say at these levels, and make decisions that take every working woman into account.

Our Story

I am that woman. That immigrant woman who started a new life away from everything familiar and far from family and friends. I am that woman who has struggled on the pittance that is Statutory Maternity Pay, whilst having bills to pay and with "no recourse to public funds". I am that woman who calculated the worth of returning to work when childcare costs would outweigh her salary. I am that woman whose soul was being chipped away at by a narcisistic partner until she no longer recognised herself. I am that woman who is stereotyped for speaking up.

I am that woman who despite everything, pulls up her big girl pants and shows up to work, to do her best and take care of her family. I am that woman who has walked in your shoes and will empower you whereever you are on your journey.

"Choose people who lift you up."
Michelle Obama

Our Values

  1. Empowerment: We aim to help women recognise their strengths, unlock their potential, and develop the confidence to pursue their goals fearlessly.

  2. Work-Life Balance: We recognise the importance of maintaining harmony between professional responsibilities and personal well-being.

  3. Inclusivity: We value and celebrate diversity. All women are welcome and supported here.

  4. Growth and Development: We are committed to lifelong learning and self-development.

  5. Authenticity: We encourage women to embrace their authentic selves, values, and aspirations, promoting genuine connections and helping them align their actions with their true identity.